Electric Car Charging Station Rochester

Electric Car Charging Stations

Let Canal Town Electric handle your home charging station for your new electric vehicle. We are the first electrical company to be a recommended Tesla charging circuit installers since 2013.

Car Charging Station Installations.

Are you one of the many Monroe County or Rochester area home and business owners who have or are considering making the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle? Owning an EV means you’ll be able to dramatically reduce your fuel expenses and lower your vehicle maintenance costs. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment by reducing the size of your carbon footprint.

Of course, electric vehicles do require a fully charged battery so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice while you’re on the road. That means you’ll need a high-quality electric car charging station in your garage or parking area. It’s also important to execute a proper EV charger installation to ensure the reliable performance and safe operation of your unit. Our team is fully qualified and experienced in handling these installations. No matter what brand vehicle you just purchased, we'll make sure you're fully charged. 

EV car charging installation