Ensuring Your Electrical Safety


Canal Town Electric takes your safety very seriously. In fact, it's our number one priority to make your home safe. We've put together a list of all safety standards and included them in our stringent home and business inspection procedures. If there's a problem or potential problem on your property, our experts will find it and recommend the necessary changes to prevent the threat from becoming a reality.

Federal Pacific Safety Issues

A malfunctioning electric panel or circuit breaker could cause massive damage to your home or office. To prevent a potential fire or other safety issue on your property, make sure to have your electric panels and circuit breakers tested regularly. For more information on Federal Pacific Electric safety issues, check out this article in InspectAPedia.com.


Home Electrical Fire Prevention

To protect your home from electrical fires, it's a good idea to follow a few simple tips. Don't use electrical cords or appliances that have exposed, old, or otherwise faulty wiring. Don't place electrical cords under rugs or fasten them with things like nails or staples. Don't put anything but a plug into an electrical outlet. Don't put too many plugs in an electrical outlet. Turn off lights, stereos, TVs and other electrical equipment when you're finished using them. Don't try to 'fix' electrical appliances or wiring yourself.